Monday, September 1, 2008


My father turned 76 this summer. I also decided to clean out the basement of my house. In the back of my mind, I was also looking for a story he had written, about an experience as a young man working in East Africa. He had written it well over fifteen years ago, and handed me a copy, with the instructions that I should proofread or edit it for him. I read it, and found it somewat verbose, yet remarkably well written (He is my father, of course!). After that, I filed it and forgot about it.

Every year however, around Canada Day (those who know us well will understand why), I seemed to recall it, so I would find it, making sure it was still safe, read through it, and then put it away again.

I seemed to get the impression over the years that he has completely forgotten about it, but I am not sure. I came to realize that it is quite possible that I am in possession of the only copy of this story he had written. I also decided that sometime, sooner, perhaps later, I would find a way to publish it, to make sure there is a permanent record of this experience of his. I think I have finally found the right way, so if you give me your ear, I will try not to disappoint.

For now though I have to go, I have a baby beginning to scream in his crib, and as happens from time to time, I have begun to cry.


JSRN in The Bay said...

Nice new blog, I like the wallpaper. I, too, have a white letter-sized envelope with the instructions to proofread and edit. I'll look it up when I get home and send it on! Can't remember if it's the same story, I think it may be a different one; the elephant on the golf course perhaps?!?

David said...

Well, I didn't want to jump the gun on anyone, but i figured after sitting on the thing for over fifteen years, it was time to do something about it! I have a feeling he has lost the disks and computer this one may have been on, so I am doing it as a sort of surprise. I will probably remove the link from tavistocktreehouse for now, until I get more of the first post up. Have you never yet read yours?

Julie said...

Wonderful story and I can't wait to read more. Made even more interesting because it's family history. I love the cadence of the writing, "verbose" and all. Thanks for sharing and never mind the tears. They keep your heart and mind clean.